Opening Day 2017!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to get the season going.  Thank you to the coaches, referees and board members.

Parents and coaches, remember that if you have the 8am match, you need to arrive at the field early (~7:15am) and help get the goals set up and unload the equipment trailer. 

If you have the last game of the day, we need you to help take the goals down and load the equipment trailer.

And remember to support the referees, even when you don't agree with the call.  It's getting harder and harder to find volunteer referees, and part of the problem can be the way coaches and parents treat them:

Verbal Abuse From Parents, Coaches Is Causing a Referee Shortage in Youth Sports


Castaic AYSO has been providing a world-class soccer program to the youth of Castaic since 2002.  We hope you'll join us for our 2017 season to help make it the best season yet.  We are a volunteer run organization, and rely on the parents and other community members to coach, referee and volunteer for the kids.

Hope to see you in the fall!

-John Richard

Regional Commissioner, Castaic AYSO Region 1441


Important Upcoming Dates:

August 26 - Coach Training at the Castaic Sports Complex.

September 2 - Referee training.  We need referees, so please volunteer to help out.

September 9 - The first week of games.  Good luck!

Attention Coaches and Parents:

Castaic Middle School will be closed for practices on the following days:

8/24/17 (Thursday)

9/18/17 (Monday)

10/5/17 (Thursday)

Fall Season FAQ:

Where can I register?

Registration info is on this page.

When does it start?

Teams are organized in late July.  Practices start in mid-August.  Games start the week after Labor Day.

When does it stop?

Games for 6U and 8U divisions end in November.  Games for other divisions (10U and up) end after playoffs, usually late November or early December.

Where are the games and practices?

Games and practices are at Castaic Middle School or other schools and parks in Castaic.

How much does it cost?

$135 per player, with a $10 discount for additional siblings in the same family.  The registration fee covers registration with AYSO, a uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), and all field and game fees.  There are no additional fees for referees or travel.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes. Castaic AYSO is a volunteer-run organization and we need more parents and community members to volunteer as coaches, referees and board members to help the program.  Please plan on taking some time as a parent to help with the program. 

AYSO Parents' Guide

Parents, referees and coaches, be sure to check out the "AYSO Guidance For Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers & Parents."  It tells you about the rules of soccer and the AYSO program.  There are some changes for 2017 that aren't included in this version yet, but it's still a valuable resource.

Referee Super-Camp In August!

If you are a referee and want to take your skills to the next level, don't miss the local "super-camp" in August.

And if you aren't a referee yet and are willing to help out, don't miss our "beginner" referee class in August.  We need parents and other community members to help out.

More info here...

Program Changes for 2017

Things are changing for 2017!  Field sizes, goal sizes, build-out lines, and more.

Click here for more info...

Thank you to our sponsors!