Changes to the Program for 2017…

If you’ve been with AYSO or played youth soccer before, you will notice some changes to the programs this fall.  These are being implemented by US Youth Soccer, the national governing body for all youth soccer in the US, including AYSO and club teams.

Please be patient with the players, coaches and referees as we adjust to these changes!

  • The age determination is based on the end of the competition. For the sake of simplicity for our Regions, the end of our primary programs Membership Year coincides with the end of the competition year which is July 31.
  • Division nomenclature is changed to XU from UX, e.g. 10U instead of U10. This aligns with the change made by U.S. Youth Soccer (U.S.Y.S.). This change also aligns with the change in registration determination age. For example, a player during the competition may be 10 or younger.
  • Small sided games team sizes for 7v7 for 9U and 10U and 9v9 for 11U and 12U will be the same.  For team sizes for 6U to 8U, play will be 4v4.
  • The field dimensions and details have evolved from the initial Player Development Initiatives released in August and will be adapted over time.
  • The build-out line for 9U and 10U. The build-out line exists only in these two age groups. It serves two purposes related to match play. First, for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has possession, the opposing team must back up behind the line. Second, it will be used as the offside line in place of the halfway line.These changes are not immediately mandatory, but they do need to be gradually phased into use.
  • There are some goal size changes for 7U – 12U.  See the NBOD Meeting minutes and or the to be released updated training for details.
  • A kick-in, pass-in or dribble-in shall be used for 6U to 8U in lieu of a throw-in. The throw-in becomes part of training and match play at 9U.
  • The goalkeeper shall not punt the ball in 9U through 12U.
  • There shall be no goalkeepers in 8U and younger.
  • No heading in 11U and below.